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Blue Squishy Yummy-Past Half Way!

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I’ve been knitting on this cardigan like a crazy lady. Reached the magic moment when I put the sleeve stitches in holders and cut the back-and-forth stockinette nearly in half. 

Made in Noro Silk Garden Chunky it is so soft, so squooshy, the colors are like jewels, not shown well in the photo:


IMG_6074 by you.


Saphires, Emeralds, Amythest


IMG_6075 by you.  


I’m trying a new strategy.

I have start-itis, always have.  I start new projects like there’s a fire lit under my arse.  This, of course, results in many UFO’s (Unfinished Objects).  Too many. 

I shall finish this THEN cast on my sisters shower gift. Being June 7th, I have a bit of time.   MUST STAY STRONG!

Have, I figure, 10″ of body left to knit. At about 4 rows to the inch that’s 40 rows. No problem. Then the sleeves, in the round, top down, 3/4 length, no problem.  No purling to slow me down.  (Except the seed stitch hems.)  I’ve set a target completion date of 4/25 (my papa’s b-day, of note).  Going to Boulder today. Will pick out buttons for the cardi.

(Will also find the new and rumored shop called “Gypsy Wools” which I looked up and is not a rumor but really new to Boulder. I hear they specialize in handpaints.  YARN DIET going so well. Will I cheat?)


PS:  I changed my first bike tire yesterday, on my OWN, which I am very proud of.  When I first bought my bike, I tried it a couple times, in the safe confines of a garage, with strong man-hands at my diosposal for a rescue, nearly prompting tears of frustration.  This time, I did it all on my own!  No tears.  Had to share.

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