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NM Red and Green “On the Side” – Goose Yoga and the ABQ Botanical Garden, Part Two of ?

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Day three of my trip to ABQ, NM I visited the ABQ Botanical Gardens with a new friend, Si.  One of Amy’s housemates, Si is a NM native, working on getting into medical school.   He’s been all around the world and had many stories to share, making for a pleasant walk through the gardens. 

I will never tire of visiting that place!


Si at the entrance to the Japanese garden:


IMG_6165 by you.


The flowers!  Much was blooming, including more familiar garden flowers as well as some of the cactus:


IMG_6133 by you.


Bear’s Breech?


IMG_6135 by you.



IMG_6142 by you.



IMG_6164 by you.



IMG_6162 by you.



IMG_6149 by you.



IMG_6154 by you.


Ever see a goose groom itself?  Neither had I.  Watched it splash around in the pond, scooping water up with its neck,  splashing its back with water. Then, it got on a rock and proceeded to groom between feathers with its beak.  Using it’s neck, it rubbed all over it’s back.  GOOSE YOGA.  Made me laugh!


IMG_6151 by you.


It’s a long walk thorough the gardens!  Much to see.  I recommend a trip to the ABQ Botanical Garden if you’re in those parts.  I’ve been in the spring, summer and fall, now.  Each season gives a different view.

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