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Technicolor UT Desert Part 3 of 3 – The Trail of Tears (and Bumpers, and more flash floods, and stinging goobers) Home


 PART THREE of a series of three from my Memorial Day weekend adventure.

Part #1:

Post #2:

Post #3:  Here!


Thank goodness we headed out on Monday and not earlier. Recall all the rain Sat. during the hike in Canyonlands and filled the slot canyone with water?Slow drizzle filled a couple of the nights as well.  Desert sand becomes the consistency of  melted peanut butter when soaked.   Luckily, most of Sunday and all of Monday was dry.  

Steve, my housemate who came for the trip, had no problems “boating” through the mud as his travel partner Elasha remarked.  A few, however, did not have high-clearance vehicles for the pond crossings that dotted the road out. 

Water, in fact, continued to plague all vacating parties.


Matt and Kim lost a bumper and side-panel-trim-thingy crossing a  big moat of water off their Subaru (last car through below): 


IMG_6472 by you.


Ray “The Scorpion” lost no car parts off his Subaru.   John and Becky, Cap’n Tom and Melisa were thwarted by a flash flood within stone’s throw of the interstate.  Thinking they’d go into Green River, UT for supper, the cop’s flashing lights on the other side of the flooded stream, once they dipped a tire in, changed their plans. 


DSC02534 by you.


Sights on the way out++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 

The San Rafael swell is a gorgeous area, with plenty of rock outcroppings such as below:


IMG_6490 by you.


Sand Dunes on the road out:


IMG_6486 by you.


IMG_6485 by you.


Kurt and I, well, our ony water trouble was the sting of the Glenwood Hot Springs pool on our numerous goobers and scrapes.  (I looked like a victim of abuse, really, from all the bruises on my upper arms, right scapula and knees.  No social services person aproached me, though.) 

The Jane Fonda full body workout gave me sore hamstrings/tri-ceps and plenty of little muscles in spots I never knew I had muscles.   So worth it!  So worth it.  Can’t wait for Cap’n Tom’s next adventure in canyoneering.  I’m hooked.

2 thoughts on “Technicolor UT Desert Part 3 of 3 – The Trail of Tears (and Bumpers, and more flash floods, and stinging goobers) Home

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