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Wildflowers and More Wildflowers – Oh My!

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Hiked amongst mighty purdy wildflowers Sunday, up on Centennial Cone Open Space.  Dug out my flower ID book to attmept learning them.  I need a new book. This one is small, light and packable but rather skimpy on contents. 

A virtual walk for you:


The setting, Centennial Cone Open Space, Jefferson Cty. Yah…it’s beautiful:


IMG_6645 by you.


Not sure what these yellow guys are:


IMG_6659 by you.


Some type of daisy (there are over 50 in the Rockies):


IMG_6658 by you.


One of my faves, Paintbrush.  Just learned it’s actually parasitic and draws nutrients off neighboring plants:


IMG_6656 by you.


IMG_6641 by you.


Not sure about this one, either. Anyone know?


IMG_6635 by you.


Lupine of sorts:


IMG_6636 by you.




IMG_6647 by you.


Purple:  Lambert Loco?  (Book says it absorbs barium from the soil.  Cattle avoid it but if the grazing’s poor they’ll eat it, become adicted, and act “crazy” with symptoms of poisoning.) 


IMG_6654 by you.


Fields of yellow:


IMG_6652 by you.


Headed into the mtns over the Fourth of July for almost a week.  The flower sighting should be good!  Better get a new book by then.

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