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I returned yesterday from a 5 day travel extravaganza which included masses of wildflowers, primo camping, being scared silly of lightning while biking, a small town 4th of July celebration and time with dear friends. Oh, and hot spring soaking and plenty of knitting. 

It was grand!

Pics to come. 

Also wrestled severe knitting “startitis” last week.  Imagine me, sitting on the floor, sizeable yarns stash strewn about, eyes glazed, trying to decide what to cast on next.  I finished a couple projects, you see, thus the maddening search for the perfect project.

Finished my yummy, blue smooshy Noro cardigan and the Fiesta Broadripple Socks (which I’ve renamed CO Spring Wildflowers on My Feet-Broadripple Socks) for their colors.  Pics to post soon. Both need blocking and the cardi needs buttons. 

Cast on Jaywalker Socks in a very fun striped Regia yarn (with stretch, cool, Jaywalkers knit up on the bias and have little stretch), and a certain sister’s B-Day gift due 8/6.  (Yep, that’s you Karen.)  Have also realized I have two baby gifts to complete, one before 8/10 and the other before 8/22.  Yah.  Lots to knit. 

Work the next few days so pretty pics from the road trip to follow next week. 

Oh…got my Big Red Schwinn cruiser bike fixed up.  Feels like riding a big wheel compared to the road bike but it’s great having a get-around-town bike. 

Cheers all and enjoy the gorgeous summer weather!

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