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Golden Farmers Market

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Met a friend at the Golden Farmers Market this AM.  Could smell the food a couple blocks away!  I’ve been visiting this marked for a few years, now.  It’s grown a ton, tripling in size from the first time I went, I’ll bet.

I’d like to introduce you all to BIG RED, while I’m at it.  A Schwinn I found at a Goodwill some 10 years ago for $15, I’ve just revamped, tuned and spiffed her up for town cruising.  I’ve got the perfect bell on her handlebars, a basket is all I need to allow full errand-running-function.

She’s big. She’s heavy, she’s RED!  (My fave color.)   Feels like riding a Big Wheel compared to my light and sleek road bike.  But hey, the slender Thoroughbred won’t haul a 12 pack of beer home on her handlebars like this Clydesdale!


IMG_6962 by you.


One can find produce, hand-made tortillas (had a killer tamale at one of the booths and a home-made root beer.)  A return visit with the empty bottle gains one a $1 refill!  Sweet!  It was tasty.  I love root beer.


IMG_6958 by you.



IMG_6954 by you.



IMG_6955 by you.


Look at those loaves. Will load up from them the next visit:


IMG_6960 by you.


Good stuff, all in my backyard, a 5 minute bike ride away on Big Red.  I love Golden…

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