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Lyle, The Cowboy I’ve Always Dreamed Of.

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IMG_6968 by you.


That’s Lyle Lovett, and His Large Band, at Red Rocks Amphitheater! 

I was there.

Sunday, July 26 7:30 PM


What girl doesn’t fantasize about their own cowboy, who makes them coffee in bed in the AM, spends the day riding around on the trails with them and at night-time expertly leads them through two-step dance after dance whilst enjoying cold beers and afterwards,  rides off into the sunset?

Anyone?  Anyone? 

I think we all have our Cowboy fantasy, regardless of what that cowboy looks like. Not into two step dancing or coffee in bed?  Fill in the blanks, then. 

This man sure can sing, whether about silly topics (how about penguins?   Perhaps lovers, separated by long distance, keeping food indulgences [IE: corn bread, beans and greens with bacon] in their “pantry”  or sweet, swoon-inducing words of love either pretty or sad.  He is full of all the above.

And he does it all in a black suit and tie, constantly introduces and thanks his band members and thanks the audience.  “Good old Texas manners,” has he, shared my concert-going friend. (Who lived in TX a bunch, I might add.)

I’d take a cowboy like Lyle…

Red Rocks is a mesmerizing venue, one worth traveling to CO for.  The sun sets, the lights of Denver turn on to the East, stars fall across the sky. It’s truly grand…

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