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I’m Here! Sleepwalking and Dreaming of a Hoodie.

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I’m really here.  Been beyond busy. Tired.  Traveled to MN last weekend to see the bambino cutie nephew.  Haven’t had time for laundry or unpacking or those usual tasks.  Leave for a trip to Leadvile, CO this weekend to hang with a nursing school buddy and watch  crazy  people race at 10,000+ feet not including the passes.  I’ll be cheering on a friend.

Lots of pics to post of travels, knitting stuff.  Maybe this weekend I’ll park it in a coffee shop for a couple hrs and catch up? 

Had to frog the Jaywalker sock I posted recently.  Had ‘dumb-ass’ syndrome, of course, thinking it was large enough to pass over my heel.  What was I thinking.  It was err…snug.  Can’t find my #1 needle, though to start over. I think I’ll lick my wounds for a bit, though.  I’ll ignore pending fall b-day gifts I must complete (start), that’s three total, plus the three baby shower gifts needed, plus Xmas around the corner and start a project for ME!

From Ravelry:

The HEATHER HOODIE  (It’s really called that!) From Knitscene Fall 2009 (Loads of good stuff in that mag.)

At 3.5 SPI it should knit up quickly.  Cables, hood, mmmm…


Cute, eh?  Have a bunch of Tahki Bunny in the bottomless pit stash that may swatch up right. Navy. 

Stay tuned!

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