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EXTREME TUBING on Clear Creek!

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A couple weeks ago I challenged my comfort zone.  Tested it.  Tubing where I come from means tying together a bunch of rented inner tubes, fitting a couple with coolers full of cheap beer, and lolly-gagging down a “river” choked with other flotillas of drunk tubers.  Tubing in CO, now that’s another story.

I have a healthy fear of fast moving water.  I can swim in calm, warm lakes all day.  My housemate Steve throws an annual “Extreme Tubing” party.  This year I joined in.

Had a BBQ in the park in Golden.  Across the way, Clear Creek flows.  Swift, not too deep, it’s a popular kayaking destination.  On a tube, though, you have no control of where you go.  I got pulled into spots a few times that sucked me off my tube.  It was thrilling, yes, but I had plenty of excitement after one run.

Folks showed up, some, like Red, with her whole water sports wardrobe:


IMG_7092 by you.


Steve models the safety gear, a helmet and a PFD:


IMG_7093 by you.


Don’t get me wrong, it was fun!  The tubers moved by so quickly the second run I only caught a couple on camera. Here, Red, with a smile that tells it all:


IMG_7094 by you.


Preston  (a new papa):


IMG_7096 by you.


Two VERY pregnant friends played in the water, Patty and Agie.  Patty (in brown) just delivered a baby boy. Agie’s due in less than a month:


IMG_7097 by you.


Patty, Kim, Agie and I played in the cold water, watching the water-fest around us:


IMG_7104 by you.


The Creek was swarming with folks enjoying the cold water on a hot day!  Enjoying a lazy afternoon, with many friends (making new friends) was a treat.  Perhaps I’ll be brave enough, again, for another ride?  The Creek is lower now. Perhaps!



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