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MN Visit in August!

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I made it back to MN a month or so ago to see family.  My new nephew Lucca is adorable and a sweet little baby.  Had some quality time with him and my sisters/mom and dad.  The weather was great, not as humid as usual in August.

Ali and I took Lucca for a walk and bumped into my cousin Mike whom I haven’t seen in far too long:


IMG_7111 by you.


We took a trip to the MN zoo, which is HUGE. I enjoyed watching Lucca sleep in the stroller (damn he is a CUTE sleeper!)  Cousins Mike and Bill brought their boys, two apiece, and we all toured a smidge of the zoo.

Lucca wore his best party-zoo bib:


IMG_7172 by you.


Awesome “Monkey Face” group shot:


IMG_7180 by you.


Sam, Bill, Will, Mike, Theo, Charlie, Dad, Karen, Rachel


Sister Karen and her hubby Wes bought a speed boat this summer. It’s been, oh, more than 10 years since I swam in a warm MN lake.  CO lakes are cold, making for quick dips, not slow, lazy floats and doggie paddles in warm water that are oh so gratifying. 

Wes driving:


IMG_7182 by you.


Rachel, dad, Karen and Wes all in:


IMG_7190 by you.


Karen and I did the team sister cannonball:


IMG_7195 by you.


That boat went fast!


IMG_7199 by you.


Next day my sister Rachel took me to her Community Garden Plot.  Though none were ripe, she had tomatoe’s coming out her ears. 


IMG_7204 by you.


Some veggie shots:


Heirloom tomatoes:


IMG_7201 by you.


IMG_7212 by you.


IMG_7210 by you.


IMG_7209 by you.


IMG_7217 by you.


There are other green thumbs in the family. 


Tall “Yellow Flowers” (came from Grandma Quick’s yard which came from the farm grandma grew up on) in Karen’s yard:


IMG_7151 by you.


A wash-tub planter in mom’s yard:


IMG_7144 by you.



IMG_7146 by you.


Sure was a great trip!

One thought on “MN Visit in August!

  1. Sounds like a great trip. I’m surprised the lakes are warm in MN! Guessing ill have visit sometime.

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