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Acres of Corn! Hanging With Karen.

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 My sister Karen surprised me with a visit last week.  Her arrival was the best B-Day surprise! 

Visited the Corn Maze the Denver Botanic Garden holds at their Chatfield location each year.  I’d never been to a corn maze.  Was different than running around in the fields of corn I grew up around.  There, you just follow a row to the end. In a corn maze, you follow worn paths through with others, eating not-good-for-you food, while nervously giggling about feeling lost and somewhat out of control.

Karen was bummed she couldn’t chuck corn at others:


IMG_7366 by you.


We ate yummy, not good for you food:


IMG_7372 by you.


Looking down at the maze from a platform.  See the depressions?  Those are the paths.  It’s in the shape of a T-Rex head this year. We got lost all over but especially near the head:


Copy of IMG_7376 by you.


Went on a hay-ride.  Amazing people crawled around at that pace, once.  Might be good for us to slow down now and then?


IMG_7371 by you.


There’s an old homestead (the Hildebrands) on the property.  It’s a beautiful old home with outbuildings including a root cellar, outhouse, chicken coop, barns, etc.


IMG_7397 by you.


See fall starting to appear?


IMG_7399 by you.


I loved this little scrappers ‘do:


IMG_7393 by you.


Fun, relaxing day. Took a pretty ride home afterwards.  Apparently the corn maze is open at night, lit up but with people “haunting” it.  A friend asked me if I’d like to go through at night.  We shall see!  I might…maybe…they do have a pumpkin patch there.  I’m a sucker for carving Jack O’ Lanterns.

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