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Shopping Gone Wrong – Ode to the Perfect Sweater

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It’s getting cold.  My colder-weather wardrobe consists of a couple fleecy hoodies/zip-ups and jeans.  I feel schleppy, sloppy.  Before leaving NM last November, I purged a ton of clothing, stuff that was worn out and tired. Lo and behold, Mother Hubbard’s cupboard is quite bare. 

Today I went shopping.  I don’t shop for clothes often. In fact, when I do, I usually come home with predictable basics (such as black T-Shirts from the GAP) since trying on pants, underthings and anything with long sleeves is exhausting.  (I must don a dozen or more to find one of those that fits.) 

On the list for today and acquired:

  • Jeans, dark rinse, very long for boots
  • Black long-sleeved T-Shirt (yah…I’m predictable)
  • Short sleeved sweater, like in fashion this fall, to wear over a long sleeved T
  • Crisp, white button up shirt. 
  • Ribbed T-Necks

I must have tried on 80-bajillion sweaters.  Knitting, my friends, puts me in contact with soft, yummy, wooly goodness.  Ready made sweaters, for the most part, and what I saw today, are crap-ola.  I kept looking at ’em and replanning the design in my head.  “I could knit that with a different collar/sleeve/cable.”

No sweater made it home with me.

Which leads me to say, I’m getting that Heather Hoodie finished, dammit, within two weeks.  How else will I be satiated?

It’s this:


IMG_7366 by you.


And it’s just what I’m looking for!

One thought on “Shopping Gone Wrong – Ode to the Perfect Sweater

  1. Love the pattern! I’m so horrible at finding the right pattern so I’ll look to your for inspiration:)

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