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White Fluffy Stuff From the Sky

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Look what happened last night! 


IMG_8136 by you.


Last night I fell asleep expecting snow.   I felt like a first-grader the night before school starts, I’ll admit.  It’s not a lot.  One fluffy inch, if that, coats the tops of objects.  It’s only October 10th. 

It’s pretty, clean and new and I’m diggin it. 


IMG_8137 by you.



IMG_8139 by you.


Accompanying all this cold pseudo-winterness today I plan to:

  • Bake bread. Yeast bread. This will be my first time.
  • Put pot roast in the crockpot to (hopefully) compliment above mentioned bread.
  • Knit like crazy.  With just 75 days until Christmas (yup, I counted) I’m feeling a bit panicky.  So many planned gifts, 75 days to go. Details on these projects after their gifting.   ;  )
  • Go be a good little gerbil at the local rec center.  (Or maybe hike.)
  • Watch House, MD episode online.  I’m hooked.
  • Sit in front of the fireplace.

(NO, I am not pregnant.  Maybe my hormones are a little wacky?)


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