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El Dia de los Muertos

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El Dia de los Muertos – A Fall Field trip into NM


Returned from NM over a week ago and finally am blogging experiences from the trip.  Below, pics from a little SW Albuquerque neighborhood parade I attended on the first of November.  Folks celebrated El Dia de los Muertos, AKA “Day of the Dead” AKA All Souls Day.

A tradition of Mexico, Spain, and celebrated by Latinos all over, the holiday focuses on family and friends gathering to pray for those, in their lives, who have died. November 1 and 2nd seem to be the usual date.  It coincides with the Catholic holiday of All Saints Day.

Traditionally, marigolds, favorite foods and drinks and sugar skulls may be gifted to those departed at altars made for them.  Grave side visits are common.

Interestingly, other cultures have similarly themed celebrations (African and Asian.)

Parade consisted of all sorts of folks.

Some played in bands:

Some displayed GIANT puppets like this skeleton (the legs moved by one holding boards attached to its feet.  It looked like it was walking.)  So clever!

Once almost eradicated, The endangered Mexican Gray Wolf made an appearance.  Still struggling for existence, less than 100 have been counted, in AZ/NM reintroduction areas, from what I have read.


These guys danced with such viv.  Wish my pic of them dancing turned out:

Several vintage vehicles made a show.  A man in an Elvis-like wig drove this one:

Zo, a friend of a new, bright spot in my life Silas, rode with a group promoting local farming.  She and her husband have a huge garden on a pretty little plot near the river:

















A beautiful, NM blue-bird sky, fall day.  Family and friends gathered to celebrate.  Cottonwoods were ablaze.  The culture and zest I soaked in when living down there took hold.  Thought I’d share a peek into it all with you, readers!

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