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Jeez…Agonizing over floodwater pants.


In 15 minutes I’m off to a funeral.  Interesting process happened here I’d like to share.

Last night I dug out my black suit, age, aprox: 10 years, cotton/stretch, not a great fall choice but it’s what I have.

One hour ago:  Called my sister, Karen.  “Karen, can I get away with dark washed jeans and black boots at a funeral.”  “No, I wouldn’t, why?” I exclaimed to Karen.  “I have no shoes to wear with my suit!  My black boots given me floodwater pants!”  Karen thought, “Just stop at Target on the way and get flats.”  Such a smart girl!

Now, about to leave, I donned the pants (hey, they’re a little roomy, heh heh!)  All ironed, tape rollered, agonized over jewelry being too bright.  Just WHAT is appropriate for a funeral?

I have one nice black suit, two black summer dresses, heck I wear PJ’s (AKA scrubs) to work.)  Dressy is dark rinse jeans, boots and a nice sweater, for me!  Shoes, all functional with one pair of strappy heels (chunky heel) for those dresses.  If I ever get a job requiring real clothes I’ll need to spend a small fortune.

Then it dawned on me, BJ would wonder why all these people had to drag out nice clothes for the day, when a clean T-Shirt and jeans would do just fine.  I can hear him say, “What’s all the fuss about?”

So I put on my black boots, pulled up the too loose pants,  (makes them look shorter, though) and skipped Target.  BJ would understand. 

Off to pay my respects, rest well, my friend.

2 thoughts on “Jeez…Agonizing over floodwater pants.

  1. Well I hope you girls bury me in a nice pair of p Js. Eternity is toooo long not to be comfortable!!!!!

  2. Mom I’ll find you the best pair of Nick and Noras I can get my hands on, preferrably with pink flamingos.

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