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I Lost My Header

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Getting Cheeky. 

I played with the layout of this blog page tonight resulting in fun followed by fear.

Hoping for a larger pic at the top with a two column layout (currently I must crop a pic to a teeny sliver)  I plugged in other themes.  None fit, none looked right.  Lost in a sea of bizarre page designs, the one I’ve used since the birth of this blog was gone and I NEEDED it back.  Predictable I can be.  Sheer luck revealed the original format in “random” search.  Damned with searching by tag.

New pic. That’ll freshen things up.  Atop, you see a sliver of Great Sands National Monument, NM snapped by Si, amidst swirls of fine sand.  Looks muted, wispy, veiled, eh?  Great for a camera.  Thanks Si!

Thank the stars I found my comfy, familiar template.  If only I could trade out the soft green text, though.  Was that there before?  Am I imagining things?

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