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Can’t Turn My Brain Off Tonight-The Road-The Movie

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I read the book The Road, by Cormac McCarthy, about a year and a half ago.  In two days, with few breaks, I digested it and chewed on it and filed the content under the “what if”  tab.  Any readers read it?

After a year of release dates being pushed back, the movie has finally surfaced.  Tonight I saw it with a friend whom also read the book.  Though the paper gave it a poor rating [I wonder if they read the book?]  I found it fascinating and quite true to the book.

It is dark.  It’s not uplifting, but the post-apocalyptic tale is moving.  There are themes of cannibalism and social atrocities that are tough to read/see. 

If you can get past that, it is well worth the read.  McCarthy left much of the story’s detail up to the reader’s imagination.  He also planted the seeds of important questions as well as metaphors of hope.  You have to think to read the book (and see the movie) and I wonder if that’s what the film critics did not like?

I recommend it! (Hope I can turn my brain off and fall asleep.)

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