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A Healthy Dose of Reality-Healed by Noro

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It happens every year. You’d think I’d learn.  Ambitiously I planned mostly small knitted gifts for all three siblings, a nephew, my mom and a couple friends.  A few are done.  Many not.  With travel plans this weekend, and just 2 weeks to go I realized, while laying in bed last night, it AIN’T happening. 

Sooo…I hit online yesterday for “PLAN B.”  Perhaps a couple more knitted gifts may be completed.  Some will become B-day gifts or “just because” gifts. 

Here’s a gift-wannabe: 

ENTRELAC TREASURE BAG – by Pastiche Knitwear

Size 7 needle (which I need for a boy hat I’d like to get done, another reason to get this bag done.  I almost took the needle out of this and thought, “STOP!  Stop your usual ways and just get it done!”)  Harumph…

NORO Kureyon, 2 skeins, Color 231 (teal, olive, gray, gray) a very thoughtful b-day gift from my friend Lisa who knows I worship this yarn.

Having loads of fun with ENTRELAC. So much fun, I had to share.

It’s a processs of knitting little squares, around and around, they make blocks, here in NORO, the yarn brand I pray to each night before falling asleep, the colors unfold.  At 6 minutes knitting time per square (I’m a dork, I timed it) the proces is like watching the drops of color fall from a bucket and eagerly anticipating the next as the colors stack on top of each other.  Corrugated two color knitting at  the bag opening is quite dashing, I think.

May full a tad bit for sturdiness. Will line and include small interior pockets. 


Next year, my goal, a Christmas gift shall be completed every two months to avoid the dreaded dumb-ass I am superwoman knitter syndrome.  I just don’t learn!

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