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a Few Days in ABQ, NM – Part 2 – Friends, Lights and A Frigid Mtn. Top

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My last trip to NM, just a couple weeks ago, was a time to visit with friends.  We had a little get together, at Amy’s,  filled with munchie food and “Train.”  If you’ve never played Mexican Train, a domino game, give it a try.  You’ll be hooked!  I have a set and will share.

L-R:  Dallas and Amy, Si and I, Woody’s peeking behind  Rico and Amber.

Si busted out the guitar and serenaded me with song:

We went to the ABQ Botanic Garden which was all lit up.  I’ll bet it was visible from space!  I couldn’t get decent pics, even when placing the camera on a solid object.  Just a couple:

A trip up the tram to the top of Sandia Mtn was in the cards.  It was 20 deg. with a 30 mph wind up there at 10,000+feet.  Was crazy to go but hey…    It was very pretty with great views.

Tram cables.  See all that granite?  It’s adventure rock climbing up there. Long approaches bring one to crumbly rock at the easy grades and better rock at the harder grades.  See the main tower at the tippy-top?

A setting sun cast some shimmery light on the city below. I thought it looked like water:

Si succumbed to “Mountainous Terrain”:

He wore his XMas gift, a Botanic Hat (find the pattern here).  It’s reversible!  So cool!  Details in an upcoming post.  It looks great with his eyes, I think.

There’s a great little museum, the NM Ski Hall of Fame, at the tramcar start point.  It’s full of memorabilia including old skis, poles, clothing, a wooden T-bar that looked ancient, a gondola car and pics of NM ski hills long defunct.  It’s a great spot to check out if your in ABQ. 

1896!  A woman named Charlotte Ellis on home-made skis and a tree branch pole in the Sandias.  Wow!  Skiing in a skirt on planks.  She was hard-core.

To think what we ski on now.

Good trip with good peoples.

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