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2009 In Pictures


2009 was a wierd year.   Much self-discovery happened.  I lived in two states.  New friends were made.  Old friends, much too young, were lost.  Decisions on my life’s path were pondered. 

Here, a pic per month reflection of the year, pulled from blog posts-past.  The rules included one pic per month (really hard to do) and only from blog posts past.  I broke the rules a couple times. 

NOVEMBER  2008 – (I know this is 2008 but it starts the story of 2009 quite well.) Annabelle survived car camping, leaving CO for CA to continue travel nursing: 

IMG_4766 by you.

December through Mid-March I spent in CA, travel nursing, seeing the sights and taking road trips on most days off.  A time for exploration, it felt just right. This I plan to resume this spring and pick up where I left off.  :  )  (Insert a HUGE smile here.)

DECEMBER 2008 – Morgan Territory Preserve, near Livermore CA, View of Mt Diablo.  Hiked that day.    A new kind of pretty I yearn for again.

IMG_4931 by you.

JANUARY 2009 – Above Muir Beach, Marin County, CA

IMG_5393 by you.

FEBRUARY 2009 – Fort Mason, looking at the G. G. Bridge, San Francisco, CA:

IMG_5452 by you.

MARCH 2009 – Heavenly, Lake Tahoe, CA – skied with my sister Karen. 

IMG_5589 by you.

Mid-March – Travel nursing work became scarce so I headed back to CO to work locally and wait and see if travel work would open back up.  Didn’t happen. Stayed put in Denver.

APRIL 2009 – Eldorado Canyon, Eldorado Springs, CO  with Ed – Home, climbing, having fun in the sun and seeing friends I hadn’t seen in over a year or longer:

IMG_5935 by you.

MAY 2009 – Ghost Ranch, Abiquiu, NM – Desert goodness.  A trip with much meaning.

IMG_6232 by you.

JUNE 2009 – Horseshoe Canyon, San Rafael Swell, UT – Canyoneering trip taken with friends.  Possibly the most fun physical struggle challenge I’ve had to date.

DSC02362 by you.

JULY 2009 – Lucca, my nephew (here with my dad Harvey) arrived (actually in late June but I’m fudging this month.)  What could be more exciting and life changing than a baby?

IMG_0916 by afrankquick

AUGUST 2009 – This is Steve, he’s my housemate and a friend. We had an “Extreme Tubing” party on Clear Creek, in Golden, in August.  It was more fun than should be legal even though I got freaked out tubing. 

IMG_7093 by you.

SEPTEMBER 2009 – Mosquito Pass, Leadville, CO – 13,185 feet.  Looking down at Leadville with the Mt Massive Wilderness on the skyline.  Breathtakingly beautiful up there. I didn’t want to come down.  I was feeling crispy and needed the road trip.  I can always tell when it’s time.

IMG_7546 by you.

OCTOBER 2009 – North Creek Pass, Manti La Sal National Forest, near Monticello, UT.  Leaves of gold, red, pink and orange equalled magic.  See where an unplanned detour might take you?

IMG_8030 by you.

NOVEMBER 2009 – Lisa and Annabelle – A reflection on how quickly kids grow up. 

DECEMBER 2009 – Friends.  ABQ, NM.  2009 was the year of making new friends and missing old friends.  Friends make life rich, fun and interesting.

Predictions for 2010’s Year In Pictures?  More travel nursing is in the works.  New locales, sights and friends are likely. Kids will grow up even more.  New babies are on the way.  Lonely roads are ripe for driving.  Trails pine for hiking.  Stash begs to be knit.  I can’t wait for what’s to come!

2 thoughts on “2009 In Pictures

  1. nice pics and commentary of course, love papa

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