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Yarn Destashing and a Reality Check


Never thought I’d say this.  I have too much yarn stash.  With plans to travel nurse again this spring, I’ve been evaluating the situation.  It’s serious.  I thought I’d pack projects/notions/yarn into one rubbermaid tote box.  It’s agonizing, the choosing and weeding out.

I’m destashing. Will post on Ravelry’s ISO/DESTASH group and in my stash section of my notebook.  Never done this before.  Is this a mile-post of knitting addiction?

Next week I have, count-em, SEVEN days off in a row.  Originally scheming up a trip to So. AZ, I’ve decided to have a “stay-cation.”  I will do some packing, some organization, and stash dive/reduce/knit/sort/pack.


2 thoughts on “Yarn Destashing and a Reality Check

  1. Ha, and I just emailed to see if you wanted to go to a knitting store! Maybe I should just come over and buy some yarn from you!!

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