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New on the Needles – Stash Reduction Tally-Ho!


Project STASH-REDUCTION update:

Making headway!  After posting yarn on Ravelry as “for sale”, I’ve shipped out three packages, sending a total of 12 skeins plus a couple books, to new homes.  I’ve posted some to EBAY.  It feels good to housekeep.  Why do I accumulate?  (This is therapy.  I’m in touch with my problem.)

My reasons:

  • The old it’s on sale trap
  • The love at first sight, then the beer goggles of knitting come off a year later situation
  • Yarn souvenirs– Given how much travel I’ve done in the last two years, it adds up
  • Startitis – the thrill of the hunt and kill in the name of a new project

I’m snapping out of it.


RAVELYMPICS begins in a few weeks. Ravelry members all over the world cast on during opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games, join events based on knitting projects, to complete them by the closing ceremony.  Some do this individually, some join teams. Last year I was in Team Albuquerque.

This year I’ve entered:

Felting Freestyle (Felted Clogs I’ll make for me)

And that’s it.

I started a cardigan two days ago I REALLY want to have done before I leave CO in the spring. Thus, I need to focus on that.

I had a bunch of Silk Garden in the Stash.  It’s becoming this:

The Bella Cardigan by Helene Rush for Knit One Crochet Too  (click link for pattern ordering info)

Raglan style knit top down, I’m omitting the yarnover increases for a cleaner KFB.  CO one size smaller than usual but my gauge is 4.5 SPI instead of the pattern’s 5 SPI.  Didn’t like the yarn knit that tightly. Can’t wait to see the Noro yarn stripe up in the lower portion of the cardigan.  How I love Noro.

Should be bright and colorful!

2 thoughts on “New on the Needles – Stash Reduction Tally-Ho!

  1. So, you have been going through the yarn….I’ve been going through the sewing room. Bags are piling up at the front door,( yes we can still get out). I had know idea I didn’t need all those buttons from the store. yup you get this from your mom

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