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Estes Park, CO – Serenaded by the Wolf Moon – Part One of Two

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Today’s day 5 of 7 off.  Man I needed a break.  Having a “staycation” of sorts.  Accomplishing much, esp. the stuff on the TO DO list that’s been on there forever.

Just finished downloading pics from the weekend and I thought I’d share.

Friday night had a  full moon, the Wolf Moon as I wrote about  here.

I camped up in Rocky Mtn. National Park (RMNP) hoping for a moonlight serenade.  It worked. I was smitten.  Had the campground to myself.  (Not many are into winter camping at such altitude in such cold, I guess.)  I stayed toasty.

It was magical.  The peaks were lit up.  The snow glittered and looked like a black light illuminated it.  No headlamp was needed for navigation.  The trees were still, no wind.  It was perfect.

I know nighttime pics don’t work with my pithy camera but I thought this looked cool:

Had an incident with a wine bottle.  Unloaded cooking stuff and smelled wine.  “Wierd!” I thought.  There was wine everywhere in the food bag.  Seemed a bottle broke around it’s mid-section.  Was it the cold that did it?  Luckily, a scant cup remained in the bottom section which I rescued.  What a waste of a great Malbec, though!

See the broken bottle and it’s respective, new cup o’ wine?

Woke to 16 degree temps and thought, breakfast out it is. Headed into Estes Park and ate out.  Waited for it to warm up.  Visited the LYS The Stitchin’ Den. It’s tripled in size since I last visited.  I caved to some sock yarn.  Broke the yarn diet.  :  (  But it is sooooo pretty!

Mini Mochi by Crystal Palace and Shibui Sock in Blue.  They’ll become a shawl by Stephen West called Daybreak I’ve been ogling. I am weak.

Pattern uses fingering wt. yarn on a size 4 or 5 needle. I’ll alternate the striped with the blue.  Pattern can be found at Stephen West’s website.

Pattern looks like this:

(Photo from Stephen West’s FLIKR and Ravelry page)

Hiked up Old Fall River Road in RMNP.  Sun came out and warmed the temps to 30+.  Wore shirtsleeves and a vest for most of the time.

Some pics from the day:

L-R:  Mtns: Chapin, Chiquita, Ypsilon, and Fairchild

Longs Peak, the Diamond in view:

Also filmed water flowing under ice (looked like oil in water) but can’t get the @#$%  file saved in the right format  to put it on here.  Frustrating.  Maybe I can find help?

Stayed with friends Becky, John and Lynn that night in a cabin.  John hit the hay while us gals watched a chick flick and knit.  Good food, good company, warm fire, was a perfect night!

Tomorrow:  Part Two, a girls’ day out.

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