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Estes Park, CO – Girls’ Day Out – Part Two of Two

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After copious amounts of coffee and sufficient time for the sun to warm the air a bit (I love later winter starts) Becky, Lynn and I headed into RMNP to hike. We went up to The Pool from the Fern Lake Trailhead and back.  It was a great leg stretcher as my legs reminded me I gained a lot of elevation hiking the day before. Left knee’s finally getting better. I can hike now with some ups and downs though the down’s can get ouchy.

More chilly than the day before, we stayed warm with movement.

L-R: Becky, Me, Lynn

Becky survived the scary ice flow, kinda, with her fancy anti-slip Yak Trax.  I have my eyes on a pair of spiky boot attachments for winter walking.

We hiked below the brown rocks you see lining the valley on the right.

This pic was shot on Saturday during clear, sunny weather.

For us, weather moved  in on Sunday.  Check out the comparison!


What a great day!  Nothing like a little exercise in the cold, in a setting like this, to put one in a better frame of mind.

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