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A Belated Christmas Story

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Christmas in MN, a very late telling of a story through pictures:

My three sisters, their hubbies, and multiple dogs all convened for supper and a gift exchange.

Family portrait, L-R:  Rachel and Tyler, Mom, Josh, Lucca and Ali, Wes and Karen, Dad and I

Lucca, my nephew, the first in the family.  He’s got me wrapped around his teeny finger.  Look at that smile!

Sitting in his grandpa’s lap:

It was REALLY cold that week. Rained one day which melted odd rivulets down the hilly back yard:

I was so fortunate to grow up in the “country.”  There were no boundaries. Our little legs carried us far out into the neighboring woods and farmland. On the one warmish day, I snowshoed around and visited places I used to frequent as a kid.

A turkey superhighway in the front field:

No kidding!  A deep groove of turkey tracks circumnavigated the perimeter of the field. I looked for the old deer stand I used to perch in, in this part of the field but it’s gone.  Wasn’t much but a short ladder of boards up a tree.

Dry and crusty oaks in the former horse pasture:

Leftover rope, must be 25 years old by now, on the “Gymnastics Tree.”  It had branches almost parallel to the ground. Perfect for twirling around.

The pond.  Dug by a farmer to catch run-off water, it was a mecca of weeds, frogs, a place to skip stones and even ice skate on.  It’s mucky sides and once deep depths were also a source of fear.

Concrete post, next the pond, always wondered what it contained:

A short trip down memory lane.  Good family quality time!

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