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A Lesson in Frugality – Into the Stash I Dove

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Ravelympics started so I’ve halted all other projects and cast on for felted slipper clogs.  (I entered the Felting Freestyle event.)  I have until the torch goes out on Feb. 28th to finish.  Whee!  I’ve been wanting a pair for myself for ages.  Made my sister Ali a pair for XMas a couple years ago.

They looked like this before I threw them in the washer.  What emerges smells like a stinky, wet sheep but morphs into toasty, cozy cocoons of yumminess wrapped around your feet.

Since I’m stash-busting, mine will be quite multi-colored.

The palette:

I also came to a revolution.

Nearly leaving for the LYS to buy more yarn to finish the Jolly Rancher Cardigan I blogged about last week I realized, “Hey!  You’re cheating!  What about all that talk of stash-busting?”

With great control I aborted the mission.

And I stash-dove.

Three skeins of turquoise worsted wt. wool lit up within the yarn bin.  I am now going to S-T-R-E-T-C-H out that silk garden and make a stripey cardigan, alternating stripes of the SG with the solid. Crafty, eh?  Really, I got my inspiration here:

Danielle, aka: geekwithsticks on Ravelry, posted a pic of said cardigan and I am going for it. To the frog pond for the Jolly Rancher cardigan.  Out will pop the fixins for a new version.  I’d like to learn Elizabeth Zimmerman’s garter/mitered button band technique on this cardigan.  I may knit it in the round and steek it?  Haven’t decided.  First, the clogs with the deadline…


Thanks, Danielle!

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