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Counting today (and I’m counting on every bit of free time there is) I leave CO in 5 days for Ventura, CA.  Work starts Monday, March 8th.  Three of those days I work here in Denver. What I’d give to have them off for more time to spend with friends.

I’m at the final stages of packing.  Have to do the final scan and eliminate stuff once I stack all the bags up and scold myself for packing too much.

How to pack for 18-24 months away from home when you don’t know where you’ll be the whole time:

  • Duffels. They squoosh to nothing if not used or emptied of contents.
  • Rubbermaid totes for camping/biking/cooking stuff. Sturdy. See-through is the best.
  • Car camping cookware doubles as regular cookware.  I’m agonizing about packing the french press.  But it’s coffee.  I want it, though I lived without a press for a year and made do with a cone and filter. Tough choices, eh?
  • Clothing to layer.  No wonder I’ve become more “REI” than “Nordstroms” over the years. I about cried when I lost my fave fleecy 1/4 zip top last year.
  • Simple colors that match everything.  My mom in a fitting room once said, “You seem to wear a lot of black.”  Geez she was right!  Seems I buy a lot of black (esp T’s and fleecy-tops.)  They work with anything.
  • Self-reminder that I have to unload/unpack/repack/reload everything every 8-12 weeks.  That’ll curb the enthusiasm for schlepping crap around.

Once I make the pile, I’ll humor you all with it.

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