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I Have Avocados in My Backyard! (Step into my backyard.)

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And plantains:

And lemon trees:

And an apricot tree:

And an apple tree:

And a whole bunch of nasturtiums next to fragrant eucalyptus:

I think this backyard produce stand is almost cooler than the beach cruisers I mentioned before.

One helluva noisy Scrub Jay follows me around the yard squawking.  I heard from the gal I’m sub-letting from that the owner feeds said Scrub Jay.   He doesn’t bug me, though.  I will need earplugs when I sleep during the day. There’s a bird concerto in the neighborhood.

Check out the agave at the end of the driveway.

Yes, it is taller than the powerline pole.  The plant will die after sending up this stalk (as the ones behind it have done.) Those dead stalks lie against the power wires.  I wonder if this one will topple into the lines or the driveway?  Note to self:  discuss with landlord.

Now that I’m moved into my new place and started orientation at the new assignment I can get back to my knitting.  Nearly have soon to be one year old nephew Lucca’s sweater done.  Here’s a sneek peak at the owls:

It’s late so I used a flash. Squashed the dimension of the owls but you’ll get the idea.

It’s big. He’ll grow. Finished the yoke.  A few shortrows, ribbing and grafting the underarms and it’s ready to go.  Amazing how quickly a 30″ chest sweater at 3 stitches per inch goes.  Zippy!  Cast on a me-cardigan I’ll get to when this it done. Can’t wait to share!

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