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Yep…ANOTHER Monterey Trip

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I love Big Sur and the city of Monterey.  You’ve probably figured that out.  I headed up there with Mike, a new friend of mine.

Had only a few days but packed a lot in and still managed to snag some R&R.  Spent a day in Monterey. It was Memorial Day weekend so everyone and their grandmother was there.  Regardless, we braved the crowds.

Rented beach cruisers.  Have you ever been on one?  I think they are the coolest thing since sliced bread.  Big, upright handlebars, slow, often single speed with old school “coaster brakes” they are meant for dilly-dallying. Which is what we did.  Monterey’s blessed with a coastal route of 29 miles, mostly bike path, maybe an eighth surface streets with bike lanes.  We didn’t haul out 29 miles on the heavy cruisers. We did cover about 8 miles and saw a ton of coast attractions along the way.

Mike on his boy bike:

I wanted a flashy one like this:

(Image from Greenline Bicycle, a brand I’ve researched. )

But got a plain blue one.  I’d deck out above bike with a basket adorned with a few silk flowers perhaps, a bell, maybe some straws on the spokes, probably remove the decals. I’ve been watching Craigslist for a cheap cruiser.

Snapshots along the ride:

Wharf II – The commercial/fishing pier that is way more interesting than its touristy-neighbor, in my opinion.

There’s something about clunky, smelly, loud old fishing boats that captures my imagination:

Swimming  off the Navy Pier:

Hauled up along the Naval Pier.  These are Sea Lions. They have ears, though tiny. That’s how to tell.

Also hauled up next to the Navy Pier were people practice SCUBA diving.  Some slogging up the beach with the heavy gear on looked miserable.

The early AM line at the Aquarium had us run away in fear. We returned a couple hours before closing. Still jam-packed, it was claustrophobic to say the least.  In fact, it got old not being able to see over people to the info cards at the displays.  Still, we beared it and enjoyed what we could see.

The Jelly Fish fascinate me.

Moon Jelly:

I forgot this one’s name:

Sea Nettle:

Lastly, the multi-story kelp forest simulation tank. Mesmerizing, glowing, meditative in nature,  gently swaying, schools of sardines whiz through in formation.  There’s a series of benches nearby for one to just sit and watch.  I think I could for hours.

That was it for the day. Just a handful of pics but a really full day of playing in the sun and learning more ocean ecology which I can’t seem to get enough of.

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