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Bouldering with Babies – Near Echo Lake, CO

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Escaped back to CO last weekend. Stretched it into a loooong weekend.  Was refreshing to see friends and have some quality CO outside time.

Mother Nature’s doled out extra heat this summer. She loosened her grip and gifted some rain and cooler temps.  Was perfect!

This day documented below was especially beautiful.  Must’ve been a combo of the company of special friends, the bluebird sky, mtn setting, 70 degree temp, light breeze, and a green landscape.  CO’s had a wet spring (relatively) and it looked like April out there, not July.

Ever hike with a 7 week old and a 10 month old?  Me neither.

Matt, Kim and their 7 week old son Alex, Elasha, Agie, Matt and Oliver (10 months) and I headed out for an adventure.  Plans started out as a 1/4 mile walk to some boulders up Guanella Pass. Access was closed off so we headed up to the skirt of Mt. Evans, a CO 14’er.  A 3 mile hike past Echo Lake drops one off in a grassy meadow studded with pine trees and ringed with views.

On the walk  in L-R: Matt with Alex in front, Kim, Matt, Me, Agie with Oliver on her back, Elasha.

Agie forgot a spoon.  A key chain card worked.  Clever! He’s still clean in this pic.  That didn’t last long.  Both moms spent lots of time trying to get those boys to eat.  Seems both were too distracted.

Matt got some bouldering in.

What a fantastic day!  The hike and quality time with friends was just what I needed.  I learned a lot about getting outdoors with kids. It takes preparation, time, patience, and flexibility in your plans.  Watching these kids grow up will be a  real treat. They are fortunate to have parents willing to go the extra mile (so to speak) to get them outdoors.

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