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Ode to a Failed Monkey (Sock) – Daybreak Shines Through!

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The MONKEY socks I started (my virgin Bluemoon Fiberarts Socks that Rock experience) just aren’t doing it for me.  They’ve been a great beach/travel/airplane/keep-in-the-purse project.  I’ll certainly cast on again another pair.

Two major points about sock knitting I’ve learned through this bad-boy that culminated in a trip to the frog pond yesterday, spinning away hours of knitting on the swift and ball winder. But it’s OK!

  1. No matter how many ways you say it, “It might grow on me.”  “I’ll like the color when a whole foot’s knit up”  are phrases I recall, it just may not pan out.
  2. Fit.  I have funky feet.  Narrow heel, very high arch, high volume (read: tall instep).  A 64 stitch sock at 8 SPI is not gonna cut the mustard, unless there is a lot of stretch/ribbing.  I need a minimum 8.5″ circumference sock.

RIP Monkey Sock:

This yarn has short color repeats.  I love it in the stockinette portion of the foot.  I don’ t love it in the patterned leg and top of the foot.

Fit:  Leg was a little snug.  Knit the heel flap to 2.5″ to accommodate the high arch of my boat-like feet and decreased for the gusset as usual but realized going down to the original 64 stitches would yield a sock I’d never get over my heel. (Or if I did I’d get blue toes from loss of circulation.)  So I decreased to 78 total and worked the foot. Thinking back I should have gone to 72.  Got to the toe decreases (yes, that means I was almost done with sock number one) tried it on and see #1 point above.

Frogged.  It’s a learning experience.  It’s OK.  The yarn will become something else, likely the COTTY pattern that has a more plain foot with simple lace detail at the top.

But the sun shines through and I can’t put a new project down!

DAYBREAK by Stephen West.  He has fantastically simple designs.  This shawl caught my eye as did the Noro Silk Garden in colors of the seashore:  brown, teal, turquoise, silver, purple, gold.  It’s beautiful.  I’ll post a more true, flashless photo of the colors soon.  (A challenge?)  I’ll bet I get it done this weekend.  I’m in MN seeing family.

A note about shawls, though (and I’ve never knit one) that start at the neck and go down.  Each row grows with more stitches .  Lots of stockinette, it could be therapeutically mindless or numbingly mindless. I’ll let you know which!

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