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Owls For Lucca!


I hand delivered my nephew’s first B-Day gift this weekend. It’s almost as cute as he is.  You should see him when he smiles!

Owlet by Kate Davies


NEEDLE:  9 for the ribbing, 10 for the body and yoke, 11 for the sleeves (Sleeves were tight.  I went up a needle size to loosen them up.)

Knit in the round bottom up, this pattern fits 6 mo-12 years.  The baby size is knit in an aran gauge and the children’s in in a bulky weight.  A few rows of cables make the owls.  I was shooting for a 30″ chest (he’ll grow into it)  and got 29″.   My gauge a bit off at 3SPI (I held two strands worsted yarn together) I knit the child’s size “2.”

After fiddling with button options, I chose three red, green and yellow buttoned-up owls on the front and one red pair in the back. I’m having troubles with my new camera and bright light conditions.  I need to read up.

It’ll be oversized this winter.  Maybe he’ll get two winters in it? No pics of him in it, though.

Now’s not the time for sweaters, though. It’s been in the high 90’s with uber-high humidity.  Kiddie pool action shot:

Yah…he’s melted me into a puddle.

2 thoughts on “Owls For Lucca!

  1. OMG – this sweater is gorgeous – LOVE what you’ve done with the buttons!

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