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Update – A Whole Week – What to do?

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0745 this AM marked the official start of my one week vacay.  This AM was so crappy at work thoughts of packing the truck up kept me from running out of the hospital, at my whits end.  I managed 4 hrs of sleep this AM and have been up, packing, cleaning, puttering since then.  Where to go?

Yosemite Valley is hot as Hades this time of year.  Plus, the hoardes of people there make me pull my hair out. I’m saving a trip there for late fall/snowfall time.

Its neighbor Tuolomne, though, some 9500 feet above where I now sit typing promises cooler weather, alpine views and fewer crowds. Though I think camping may be tricky and I’ll have to pick hikes off the beaten path, so to speak.

Yet…I’m wavering.  The coast is calling, the north coast that is.  I’m indecisive on where to go.  I crave crashing waves and empty beaches, briny smells, fresh oysters with a day or two in the big city of San Francisco thrown in.  I also crave mtns.  REAL mtns. The kind I miss in CO. The kind I can get in the Sierras of Tuolomne and surrounding area.

It’s not nice to be up in the air.  Will likely head out in an hour or so. (Should be fine driving tonight. I’ve been up at work the last two nights through.)   Mtns, I think. That’s the way I’ll go.

Leaving the laptop at home, packed a new book to chew on and plenty of knitting.  I need to relax the knots in my brain and shoulders alike.

Tough choices.  Where would you go?

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