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Balboa Park San Diego – Lush, Beautiful! – Surviving Scary LA Part 5 of 5

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Ended the trip to LA with a stop in S. Diego. I say a stop because I spent just a day and a half there.  I got sick and the big three days of plans wilted into “I want my bed and quiet and chicken soup”  plans.

Went for a stroll through Balboa Park.  Home to the famous SD zoo, numerous museums, gardens, a conservatory, hiking/walking paths, artists studios and eateries it’s a lush oasis amidst the city.

Being there on a Monday, most of the museums were closed. Ordinarily, this would be a huge bummer. I was interested in some quiet exploration time, though. Few were there.  Perfect!  I entered no museums, just enjoyed the marvelous architecture/flowers/beautiful weather.

A theater:

The San Diego Museum of Man, I believe.  Mosaic dome, check out that tower! Goofy angle but I had a hard time fitting it all in.

The Conservatory protects a lush tropical garden under a metal-slatted building.  I sat in there for a spell.

Stepping inside:

The orchids!  It was steamy and warm inside.

Aptly named, I think:

Brazilian Plume Flower. Loved the pink:

In two weeks I’ll have 5 days off.  since I may wind up much farther north for my next job contract, I’m planning to head back down to SD. Only a couple hundred miles away, it’s not bad as long as one times the drive through LA correctly.  CAN’T wait!

On the LONG list:

Beach time, snorkeling at the La Jolla Underwater Park-Preserve, visit the zoo and Wild Animal Park, kayak in Mission Bay, Bring my bike and bike a loop around the Embarcadero to the Coronado Hotel and other sights.  Revisit El Indio and stock up on homemade tortilla chips.  Mmmmmm…  Maybe I’ll have time to knit?  Maybe.

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