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MN in July – Family QT at it’s best

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Mid July I flew to MN to see my family.  Loads of family time was the agenda’s theme.  It was wicked hot (high 90’s and humidity in the million-percent zone. (It’s a real number.  I’m sure of it.)

Went hiking with Karen and my pop, Harvey on the St Croix river:

This day included beach swimming  that felt divine. Midwest lakes in the summer = refreshment and fun.

Hit the St Paul Farmers Market with my three sisters, BILs and Lucca, my nephew. That’s a kick-ass F.M. BTW, if you’re in the area.

L to R:  Moi, Josh, Ali, Rachel, Tyler, Karen and Lucca in the stroller.

This guy had the only tomatoes there. I think he made a killing.

Cute, eh?  :  )    Tough candy coating on the outside, gooey on the inside:

Rounded up the trip with a visit to the MN Landscape Arboretum:

A HUGE place, we saw but a fraction.   There are planned and manicured gardens, more loosely arranged gardens, all themed, as well as acres of any kind of tree you can think of, walking paths, it’s also where my mom and dad got married.

Did you know apple trees can be trained to grow like vines?  Neither did I.

Cleome. I love this spidery flower.

Dahlia collection was substantial. Such cheery flowers.  Love ’em.

Just a fraction of pics I took.  Fabulous trip. Lucca’s walking now, carrying items around. (Look out world!)  He’s also associating words with objects.  Jeepers it’s happening quickly!

One thought on “MN in July – Family QT at it’s best

  1. nice pics, love papa

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