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A few thoughts…

  • This Saturday I turn 36.  It’s over the mid-thirties bump and slides me down towards 40. And it’s happening quickly, prompting lots of reflection on what I’m doing with myself and where I’m going. Heavy.  That’s it. I sure don’t want to “REMAIN SEATED.”
  • I miss teaching.
  • 2+2+2: Two weeks+Two separate visits+two good friends visiting = a reminder of how fortunate I am to have such great friends.
  • After a few weeks of poor contract prospects the Santa Barbara Hospital I’m at is thankfully extending me one month, through 10/16.  By then, there should be more contracts available.  (Hospitals beef up staffing for the holidays.)  I’m happy to enjoy the Central Coast for another month.
  • I may have a full week off as a result.  Road trip wheels are grinding away.  Grand Canyon/No AZ/ So. UT?  Northern CA coast (way up there?)  Back to East Sierras?  OR/WA?
  • I’m still hell-bent on getting work in AK next spring.  I’d give my left arm. Metaphorically.
  • My goal of knitting one holiday gift per two months failed miserable. Starting now.  Oy.
  • Nephew Lucca is talking and walking. I get videos via phone from my sister Ali and they make me smile a silly grin.  He brings me much happiness.

On the needles:

Daybreak shawl – 75% Completed

Lopi Icelandic Wool – Color-work steeked cardigan 25% completed. (Pics on that later)

One sisters Xmas gift – details top-secret – 20% completed

Erm…that’s all I’ll subject you to.

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