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Seashore at Daybreak Shawl – Finished!

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And I love it.  (Draped on the persimmon tree in the back yard.)

Daybreak by Stephen West

Silk Garden Sock and Silky Wool by Elsbeth Lavold.

#5 – 40″ Addi Turbo Circular Needle and a #10 DPN for the bind off

RAVELRY  it here

Some notes:

  • Used a KFB and PFB increase at the edges instead of the M1 the pattern calls for to allow for a loose edge.
  • Kept the edge stitches really loose to allow for blocking  and a neat edge that shaped.
  • One starts at the top center and works down, increasing, we’re talking 450 or so stitches by the end.  Calls for patience.
  • 16 stripes, size medium.
  • Border section cut short. Ran low on the silk garden.
  • Finished size: 22.5″ top to point and 75″ wingspan
  • Easy to memorize pattern repeat and so fun with self striping yarns.  “Just one more row.  Just one more row.”
  • Bind off loosely.

I’ll make more.  Small size would make a great, light scarf.

Used my blocking wires for the first time and I love them.  You slide the tiny, flexible wires in strategically and pin them out to produce a neat, even sized fabric.  Without, it would have taken at least an hour and a gazillion pins.  Took 20 minutes, maybe and is so slick and even.

Detail of the pins and wires:

Annabelle approves. What a ham!

Can’t wait to wear it!

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