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Where I Am, Just a Snippet, But a Snippet with a View!

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I’ve been swamped.  But I’m still here! Just off orientation at the new hospital assignment I’ve been christened into the workflow with zeal, meaning, the work is hard as hell.  But…I’m digging my co-workers which makes me happy.

I’ve had time for a few hikes between rainy days.  One little trip into the Marin Headlands gave me views of the GG Bridge, a sneak peek of Point Bonita Lighthouse (which I’d love to see when open) and old military installments.

How’s that for a view?  Alcatraz is the island just on the viewer’s left.  Downtown San Francisco lies to the right.

I milked out the evening until post-sunset and watched the bridge light up.  Darkness occurs far too early.

Point Bonita Lighthouse from the Battery. Isn’t she beautiful?

Battery Mendell was built in 1905. The original 12″ cannons could launch artillery 8 miles out into the ocean. Though they never fired the establishment was poised to protect the San Francisco Harbor.  Here’s just a glimpse:

Having no trips out in a couple weeks I must quell the withdrawal symptoms (poring over maps, online weather checks, daydreaming out work windows, etc.) I’m planning a quick getaway Monday and Tuesday.

Point Reyes National Seashore.  On the agenda: The Limantour Estero, BBQ’d oysters, whale watching, kayaking Tomales Bay and knitting by the fire at the hostel (my fave in CA).  The gal I spoke to today said it is so quiet there, now, I may have a whole room to myself.

I’ve got that crispy feeling and I’m going to soften the edges.  I just thought I heard heart monitors beeping. I’m at home.

I hope the forecasted weather stays true.  It is, after all, the rainy season up here.

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