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Getting Skunked – The Boat-Ride of a Lifetime – Wrapping Up CA and Starting a New Alaskan Chapter (Part 2 of ?)

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Fishing.  I’ve discovered I enjoy it.  I first went out with Joe and Bob in the San Pablo Bay (North Bay of SF.)

I squeezed one more trip out the last week in CA.  Water was more calm than the first time, the tide not as low, though.  As a result, we got skunked.  No unheard of sturgeon numbers this time.

Bob brought along his daughter Kellie.  Had a friendly (grrrr….) girls against guys competition going.

Joe caught a (?) striped bass:

He gave me a hard time for taking a phone call on the boat so I busted him doing the same and hiding:

Bob caught an English Sole, rare here I hear.  Look at those eyes and the yellow markings:

I caught a Flounder with no tail!  Showing no fresh teeth marks, it must have lost it as a youngster.  Consider how much more difficult swimming was for it.  Felt shameful taking it home and eating it.  (It swallowed the hook which sealed its fate.  It was a goner.)  Tasty, though!

Someone (Joe?) hooked this wee sturgeon and Kellie landed it giving her a run for her money.  What’s up with the banana?  Apparently, having a banana on your boat brings bad fishing luck. Not sure who the culprit was this time.  Kellie holds the evidence.

Kellie caught some seaweed (full of fish eggs) and some balloons.  She gets the eco-friendly  award!

Despite the lack of fish the weather was grand and the day still shone with a boat ride under the Golden Gate Bridge (water was calm enough and oh, what a treat that was!)

Passed a former lighthouse turned B&B.  Across the way an island covered in birds (and what birds do best) as well as some seals sits.  It was a charming spot. Would be fun to stay there.  (Light sleepers may need earplugs, though, due to the horn sounding.)

Passed Angel Island:

Went under the GGB, saw some Harbor Porpoise.

Viewed Point Bonita Lighthouse:

Back under:

Cool view of Coit Tower and Telegraph Hill from here:

Toured around the Wharf:

SCANDIA is the name of my hometown!



Sure will miss fishing with these guys. Maybe I can convince them to come to Alaska?

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