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Steve in CA – Wrapping Up CA and Starting a New Alaskan Chapter (Part 3 of ?)

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As a travel RN I get used to doing things on my own.  When friends visit I’m one happy girl.

Steve, from CO, came into San Francisco for a conference a couple of weeks before my departure.  He had two sight-seeing requests:

  1. Walk across the Golden Gate Bridge
  2. Go to Alcatraz


We stumbled upon the Palace of Fine Arts:



Built in 1915 for the (World’s Fair) Panama-Pacific Exposition, it was intended to be torn down afterwards (as almost all the other buildings were.) Thankfully, a  member of the Hearst family initiated its preservation.   My photos do not do justice to how pretty the structures are.  Built from simple, temporary materials of wood and plaster, by the 1950’s it was in complete decay.  It had served as a tennis court facility, a storage place for WW2 army equipment, a telephone book distribution site and a temporary Fire Dept. Headquarters.

In 1964 workers stripped it down to its steel framing and rebuilt it exactly as it was before in a seismologic-ally safe manner.  A theater and museum are there.  It’s a popular wedding location.  I can see why! A lagoon housing birds, numerous gardens and separation from busy roads make it an ideal place to sit (or walk) in peace.

Here, a better pic from Wikipedia:


File:Palace of Fine Arts SF CA.jpg



On to the list.

#1  – Accomplished – We walked across the GGB



Fort Baker, A place I loved to hang out at, sitting and watching boat traffic move under the GGB.



After a nice walk across, I checked the time  re: getting onto an Alcatraz tour.  The day before all trip times were wide open.  Man did I screw up!  Looking online, (yay for Smartphones) all tour times were booked through the end of the day.  No chance of going.  I was so disappointed in myself.  Steve didn’t’ hurdle me over the bridge railing in frustration, though.  :  )  ALWAYS book online in advance.


Down to Fisherman’s Wharf we went, to see if we could be on standby for the boat.  The vendor does not offer seats on a stand-by method. Even if a trip was purchased, and the person did not show, they would not sell you their seat.

Soooo…off to find some seafood for supper.

Ate crab and fed the seagulls french fries from the window.  (I’ll blame that on Steve. Once the staff laughed and informed us they did it all the time, my inner “Miss Manners” loosened up.)  I believe we gathered near 10 birds but were hoping for more.


Walked on the Wharf after supper.  Found the working sections (Pier 37’ish neighborhood) and came across some fellas unloading their boats of crab.  They were very friendly and shared info on what they were doing, how it works, etc.  I find this stuff fascinating.




Having friends around is such a treat!  Who’s coming to Alaska?

One thought on “Steve in CA – Wrapping Up CA and Starting a New Alaskan Chapter (Part 3 of ?)

  1. hi,heather how’s it going??? saw the movie the fighter, was great, also read a book you will like, The Help by Katherine Stockard (??) love papa

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