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Saroyan Scarf For Mom

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I’ve started the process of sorting through the gazillions of photos acquired on the trip up to AK and it’s mind-boggling.  So much to share.  So much to pare down!

To ease the mind I’ve reverted to some soothing knit-talk.


Christmas gifts were mailed a while ago and I’m finally getting around to posting the details.  This year I sent out pattern options to my mom and sister Karen, including them in the selection process.  Mom picked the leafy Saroyan scarf.

I made a pact with myself to use only stash yarn for gifts (not a problem since my stash over-floweth.) Two skeins of Malabrigo Worsted, in a lovely blue, begged to complement mom’s pretty blue eyes.


Pattern: Saroyan by Liz Abinante

Yarn: Malabrigo Worsted

Color: Tuareg

Amount:  1.78 skeins = 373.8 yards

Needle:  #8

Size: Didn’t measure. Perfect wrap-around-a-couple-times sized.

Notes:  6 leaves for increase section, 12 for straight section and 6 leaves for decrease.

One skein of yarn got me through row #10 of the 14th leaf knitted.  Could have used all yarn by knitting a full skein to the half-way point then starting the second skein.  I’d make the next one with more leaves in the increase section to give the pointed ends more definition.

Pattern is easy!  However…my little brain did not fully memorize the lace repeat for the leaves and I had to look at the chart. It is a relatively quick knit.




Kettle dyed, the colors of MAL make me drool.  The simple, single ply worsted is the softest merino that begs to be worn against the skin.  Mind you, it pills like crazy and does not wear well. I would not choose to make a sweater or mittens from it.  MAL now offers Twist and Rios. Twist is called a bulky/aran weight.  Rios is superwash and worsted weight. Both are exquisitely soft, with a tighter twist making them suitable to items with more wear and tear in mind.  Soft as in I’d like to fill a bathtub full of them and roll around in it naked soft.



I have two skeins of purple MAL Worsted and will likely make myself one.  Almost done with mittens.  More on those later.




One thought on “Saroyan Scarf For Mom

  1. Glad you made it to Anchorage. Can’t wait to see pictures of the trip.

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