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UFO’s – And Spring – Meet Evelyn


It’s that time of the year again.  Spring’s knocking on the door. (She has a longer journey to reach AK.) Temps stay in the high 50’s during the day, now, no longer freezing at night.  It’s daylight (full-on daylight) after 10 PM.  Buds tip branches though none have opened.  Hyacinth and tulip bulbs planted along a south-facing wall at work opened a week ago. Various green shoots and ferns are poking through the nearly thawed soil.  Trails are muddy.  I swatted a few mosquitoes the other night.

Locals tell me spring enters the door with a bang, a fresh coat of Technicolor green doused over all in what seems an overnight time-frame.

With that anticipation comes a yearly knitting conundrum. (Up there with the “OMG Christmas is 2 months away and I have HOW many gifts left to complete?”)

It goes something like this:

Devil on left shoulder suggests, “Hey you!  How fab would  a little top-down tee in a linen blend be? You’d look just like those pics of the coltish models running along the sun-washed beaches in floppy hats with tans and not a care in the world?”

Angel on right shoulder interjects, “Hang on there Heather!  A)  You have 5 UFO’s on the needles in plain sight (with a couple more tucked away) and B) You have no linen blend yarn in that stash and I KNOW you are trying your hardest to be a good little stash diver with no new purchases and C) You’d look like a dork in a big, floppy hat.”

Devil smirks, “Heh heh, what about the 6 balls of Noro silk garden in that stash, hmmm?  A quick cardi for work?  How about that Zoe Cardi you cast on last summer in Berroco Weekend and set aside for winter knitting? C’mon, you’re itching for something new.  You’re dying for summer!”

Angel chimes in, “I know you can stay faithful, Heather. Hang in there!  Don’t give in to temptation.”


What’s a girl to do?  This happens every spring. I want to set aside all wintery projects and invite spring with a new, light, fresh project.  I have a couple easy tee and cardigan patterns I’ve been sitting on since, oh, last spring.

Just for giggles, send a comment as a vote. What should I do?

A:  Give in to the Devil and go for spring garments

B:  Stay faithful to what’s on the needles


I asked Evelyn, the nearly life-sized cow that graces the foyer of my house mates home, to model the UFO’s (Unfinished Objects).  She bathes in the sun, amongst the plants, greeting visitors with her big, brown, kind eyes.

The five UFO’s

From L-R:

Emma’s Mittens by Minh Hoang – so close to done it’s embarrassing. Needs one more pattern repeat and thumbs. Cascade 220. Knitting 2 at once. Very cool!

Thuja by Bobby Ziegler – Socks at 6SPI almost knit themselves.  Decreasing for the toe on #1. Doing one at a time because I thought I’d knit them while riding my bike on my trainer.  Which I did, a bit. It was awkward.  Yarn is Bearfoot, wool/mohair/nylon. Will be uber-warm.

Unnamed gift project that’s been frogged a least three times and is in a time out.

Embossed Leaves by Mona Schmidt – Dream in Color Squooshy – Originally intended to be gifted, I realized the yarn is not washable.  Not a good idea. Thus, hibernation.

Acer Cardigan by Amy Christoffers – Sure went quickly when I was unemployed!  Hah!  Really, AK summers are cool enough to wear this sweater.  There’s no reason I should stop now.  Almost ready to divide the fronts from the back.

Such a dilemma.

4 thoughts on “UFO’s – And Spring – Meet Evelyn

  1. I love the feeling of accomplishment when I finish a project. Go for the UFO’s….then TREAT yourself to a luscious new yarn for that special spring project.

  2. Finish the mittens (they’re almost done). Then start a summer project, but still work on the socks or the sweater. I have to admit that my Aidez sweater is hibernating. I was so looking forward to being able to wear it but the weather turned warm just as I got to the sleeves… so close, but now I know I won’t wear it until winter. So I’m working on a short, cotton cardi to wear over summer dresses… the weather is already here for it. I hate feeling like I’m always a season behind!

  3. I say go with new spring knits only because I get the same itch! But really, you should finish those mitts!

  4. Update, Gift placed in time out is done and mittens are getting close. Tomorrow…a gauge swatch for a spring sweater in some Noro Sillk Garden!

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