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Quick Thoughts – Changes in Plans – Big Vistas

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  • Today I walked up Rendezvous Peak.  It takes one above treeline quickly to gorgeous vistas.  Thus, it’s popular.  I snuck off on a ridge line for some peace and quiet.
  • Betcha think I’m getting all fancy putting a Polaroid frame on this pic.  Don’t get used to it!
  • Nothing like a brisk wind to clear the mind of clutter and lighten one’s step.
The BIG news+++++++++++++++
  • The great game plan of life has changed.
  • I cannot handle a desk job. Ever. Never.  Especially if it happens 5 days a week.  What was I thinking?
  • I’ve given leave at work.  I adore the hospital and my coworkers but I know I won’t stay on long-term.
  • Won’t stay long-term because my heart belongs to family and friends in the Lower 48.
  • Sooooooo…I’m done in 2 weeks and will spend as much time as possible returning south, seeing as much of AK as I can.
  • Might become a 4-week road trip?
  • I miss my family. I’ll see them soon!
  • Knitting every day.  It’s a personal challenge.  On the needles:  Fingerless mitts in Kureyon, a cardigan, socks and a baby gift I’ll cast on tonight.
  • Thought I’d whip up blueberry muffins tonight but alas, way pooped. To bed early.
And lastly+++++++++++++++++
  • Men are trouble.  A wise friend of mine reminds me this each time I see him.  He is right.

One thought on “Quick Thoughts – Changes in Plans – Big Vistas

  1. Wow! So much going on! I’m happy to hear you’re heading back down to the lower 48, although I will say that I’ll miss all of the beautiful pictures from up there! Where to next? Keep us posted 🙂

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