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Family Travels – Halibut Cove, AK – Cutest Little Village Ever

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My favorite part of the trip with Karen and Wes was the trip across Katchemak Bay to Halibut Cove.  A wee hamlet, tucked under mountains, it’s home to “30” residents.  A short boat ride from Homer, it’s a quiet paradise.

Passed Gull Rock on the way in.  Saw great rafts of Muirs and several Puffins. I was really hoping to see a Puffin.




Few reside here through the winter.  Those that do rely on the Stormbird for supply runs to Homer, the only boat which cuts through ice.


All the town’s linked by boardwalk.  After a delish lunch we wandered out the boardwalk to see the sights.

Karen and Wes meet a handsome Morgan Horse whom belonged to the boat captain and restaurant owner:









Pedal Cart. Pretty cool contraption!










Handy-Dandy ponchos for the ride back in the evening.  Beautiful day!



So thankful for the family-quality-time with Karen and Wes.







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