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Let’s Get Caught Up! – Marin Fishing- Putting the Surf in “Surf and Turf”

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Never have I been nearly two months being on blogging.

Let’s get caught up!


Since I landed in CA, after the big trip down from AK, I’ve been a very busy gal.  I’ll attempt to catch up in the next few day.  After this, get ready for some serious virtual travel through the last frontier of AK!

First, a Marin Primer:

I worked here most of last winter. Marin, aka Marin County, is a land that rolls through pastoral farms, folds and dips down along the San Andreas Fault, and cradles the North Bay.  1/4 million plus folks call it home.

Most live in various towns along HWY 101 on the eastern edge.  A few unincorporated communities dot the magnificent, dramatic coast on the west, the type I fantasize about calling home.  But I’d have to be independently wealthy to do so.

Marin has the fifth highest average per-capita average income in the US, I read.  Judging from property values (despite their notable plunge recently) I believe it. It also represents a collection of liberal, “New Agey” people who value clean towns, community, and preserving their natural surroundings. That appeals to me as well.

The land is stunning.  Point Reyes Nat’l Seashore protects a huge swath of coast and estuaries.  One can hike there and not see another.  Pretty unusual for being so close to a metropolitan area.  Muir Woods earned its rightful fame for its protection of Redwoods dripping in damp, green moss.  Mt. Tam looms above.  The Marin Headlands anchor the northern foot of the GG Bridge and are home to critters, stunning coastal vistas and flora galore.  Within these large parks are oodles of smaller parks and protected land.  This reminds me of CO’s dedication to preservation.

And the fishing.   I’ve been ‘hooked.’  Hah!  The bay offers a coastline ripe for kayak exploration, something I’ll share later.  Add on all the marine mammals, sea birds, boats, the beautiful city of San Francisco just a stones throw away and well, I’m falling for it.


This post, let’s focus on Fishing.

Last winter I shared some fishing outings with you.  I’ve reconnected with a good friend’s dad, Joe, who kindly lets me tag along on fishing trips.  I am a lucky gal!  He’s taught me tons.

I recently caught my first salmon:

This was on a chartered trip we shared with a group of young teens from some sort of troubled-kids-group home. The Lovely Martha took us under the GGB and into the ocean.  We trolled off Rocky Point just south of Stinson Beach.  Most of the kids lost interest quickly and watched TV down below. One boy, who showed interest, landed a salmon. It was pretty cool to see him succeed!

Two grandparents had their young grandson (8, maybe?) along and he landed his first salmon.

Now the guy behind me in the above pic, with the straight-laced face, I forget his name, was a deck-hand who was super friendly, laughing and smiling all the time. Funny he wasn’t smiling in this pic.

The tackle set- up is pretty interesting.  You use a really heavy sinker (was it 8 pounds?  9 pounds?  I forget) attached to the line. When the fish bites, the sinker falls off. Terminal.  Because Coho Salmon are becoming more scarce in these parts regulations require barbless hooks. Thus, it’s crucial to maintain tension on the line while landing the fish. One shake of the head and it may be lost.  I learned this lesson by losing the second fish I hooked.  Bah!  I was pretty mad at myself for that.  So green!


Halibut Fishing, a totally different experience, proved fruitful.  Joe, Bob and I went out into the Bay one AM.  Like usual it started out cool and cloudy.

(Check out the panoramic feature my new camera has.  Cool, eh?)

Barge Traffic:

Other sights along the way:

Cormorants. I love the way their heads tilt up in a regal pose.


Leftovers of a Pier.  There was an osprey nest on top of one of the poles.  How I’d love to see one of those in action.  Talk about a skilled fisherman!  I’ll post a video of one ‘fishing’ soon.

And…a halibut.

Bob and Joe with another (clouds burned off):

Halibut is mighty tasty, I’ll add.

Can’t wait for another outing. Thinking of purchasing a rod/reel/tackle for Pier and shoreline fishing so I can go anytime.

Next post, exploring Marin beaches.

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