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Let’s Get Caught Up! – Marin By Land – “Perambulating”

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I learned a new word yesterday from my friend Beth.

PERMABULATE, according to means:

1. Walk or travel through or around (a place or area), esp. for pleasure and in a leisurely way.
2. Walk from place to place; walk about.
I’ve given you a tour of Marin County via water, how about a walking tour?
Oodles of miles of trails for walking and biking lace through the parks and open space.  They say mountain biking was born here.  Putting a knobby tire on my hybrid bike I’ve been riding some local fire roads.  Rush Creek afforded shade and great bird viewing.
Megan and I hiked up Ring Mountain, an urban hike to views of Mt Tam, the bay, Strawberry and farther.
Marin headlands I frequent.  Here  a loop hike up the Miwok-Wolf Ridge-Coastal Trail.
Looking towards Mt. Tam:
At the ocean high above Rodeo Beach and Point Bonita:
Numerous relics of WW2 defense, called Fort Cronkite, are scattered among the hills.  A short spur to “Hill 88” provided a picnic spot. There I sat high above it all watching the fog drift in off the ocean, flowing UNDER my feet. Incredible sensation.
Leftover roads crumble away:
Though not spring, many flowers flourish. Below, some sort of lily?
And thorny leftovers:
Other unposted ambles have taken me along ocean bluffs, beaches and secluded coves, thick forest, wet riparian gulches, windsculpted bishop pine and chaparral.  It’s a diverse landscape in Northern CA.  One I appreciate and am learning lots about.

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