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Labor Day Boating – Guacamole and Magic Light

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Labor Day wrapped up with an evening on the bay.

Captian Adam and friends Joan, Maritza and I left Sausilito around 5 and headed out.  All three are former co-workers and great company.

Adam has a nifty old boat, probably built before I arrived in this world.

I love this pic of him, his smile is really this bright and genuine:

A bit blurry, though.  But that’s ok.

Tossed a line in and trolled a bit on the way out but no luck. Munched on fresh guac.

Headed to a restaurant as planned but the dock was full and we couldn’t tie up there.  Veered away and went past Angel Island. Folks were kayaking, some were tied up in the cove, BBQing and it smelled just divine mingled with the sea-air.

The setting sun paints the city skyline just so, imparting a sort of alpenglow, but not on mountains.

What a view!  People were waterskiing but my pic of that didn’t turn out.

How I love being on the water.

So do Joan and Maritza:

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