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Fall Baby Jacket

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Knitting’s been an activity measured in minute or marathon increments lately.  No middle ground. I bring it to work and nibble off 10-15 minute bites.  This proves therapeutic in easing a tough day of nursing.

A few long sessions I’ve secured set to a soundtrack of podcasts and Family Guy shows/Pan Am on Direct TV.  Pan Am I’ve really gotten into.  Check out the trailer:



One of these marathon projects I’ll mail off to my friends Chris and Bryan today.  They are expecting their THIRD girl any day now.  What better a gift for a fall baby than a fall colored-jacket?  Uber cute, it took about, oh, 3-4 hours of knitting time and is sure to be my new favorite kid-gift.

Yoked Cardigan by Hannah Fettig

Yarn:  Noro Kureyon 2 skeins (Maybe 5 yards left?) color: 180 – From the stash

Needle:  7

Size:  Big. As always. This won’t fit until next year.  Chest:  23″  Length: 10″  I cast on for the 21″ size but Kureyon knits better at an Aran gauge than a worsted gauge I find, letting the thick-and-thin nature of the single ply (which I love) show rather than being squished into 5 stiches per inch.

Buttons:  Purchased at my LYS Dharma Trading Company

Have you knit with Kureyon yet?  Watching the colors play out (it self-stripes) makes “just one more row” my mantra.  The pattern is really fun.  Columns of K1 P1 rib increase to K1 P2, K1 P3, etc. It’s a clever design.

MODS:  I left off the sleeves. I’ve been into sleeveless baby vests lately, believing them more versatile.

***A note:  Kureyon’s scratchy until soaked. I use Eucalan which contains lanolin. Some people use hair conditioner.  I’ve never tried that.

I’ve been working on Christmas gifts with a man-hat on the needles and a grand knitting list I’m not sure is realistic.  May have to inject a dose of reality.

On the top of my queue is Hannah Fettig’s  The Sycamore Vest:

Photo belonging to Hannah Fettig

I tried this on at a trunk show of hers at Knitterly in Petaluma, CA.  Love the drape, love the fit, will be a great layering piece for not too cold days. It can be pinned shut or left open.  Problem is, I have no sport or DK weight yarn and am trying to use stash only. Am braving knitter math to convert to worsted weight in order to use stash yarn instead. It’s scary.

That’s my knitting update for now.

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