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A Big Update. Really Big.

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I’ve fallen for a new place. San Francisco’s a city steeped in history, stirred by diversity and pulsing with energy.  The ocean washes at her three sides. Rolling away from it’s bright red iconic bridge to the north are lands both covered in redwoods and oak and strikingly barren in others.  These call to me as do the beaches and blue water as far as one can see.

Friendly people welcomed me here.  Some are co-workers at a hospital. Others are not.  This hospital I look forward to coming to work at.   There, friendly folks work together giving superb care to patients. There are many bad hospitals out there, unsafe and horrible to work at. I’ve worked at several. This one is different.

This hospital offered me a job.

Here’s the big news:  I took it.

No more travel nursing.  I’m ready to commit.

This girl now has a CA drivers license, CA plates on her truck, a Marin County Library card, and a new LYS (Dharma Trading Co. in San Rafael). Priorities, people, priorities!

I love it here and I’m giving it a go.  The friends, like family, in CO I’ll miss.  But the ocean I just can’t imagine leaving.   It all feels right.


That doesn’t mean I’m done exploring.  Now I have a home base. Next week a two week break between my contract and new job start date begins. Man I have plans.  It’s been over a year since I’ve set foot on desert sand. If you’ve followed this blog the last few years (jeez it’s really been that long) you may have noted a tendency for me to gravitate to the desert.  Death Valley and the Grand Canyon beckon me for a fix. Some desert QT will do my soul some good for 2 whole weeks. Yee Haw!


So that’s the big news I’d like to share.  Yep…it’s big. Work starts early tomorrow and I must sign off. Them’s my thoughts for now.


















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