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Salt Point State Park – Gerstle Cove – Crusty and Squishy Stuff

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I spent a few days at Salt Point State Park, about 70 miles north of here, way back in August.  I’m a little behind in sharing…yep.

The park covers 6000 acres and includes an underwater park for SCUBA and abalone divers, 20 miles of hiking trails, some of them bike-able, camping and numerous beaches/coves.  Six miles of coast and bluff tops, open grasslands, forested hills, creeks, pygmy forests (didn’t get to those) offer diversity.  Adjoining the park is the Kruse Rhododendron State Reserve.  Come spring, the forest fills with blooms. Must return!

Getting there near dusk, craving a beach sunset, I headed to Gerstle Cove. This is the park’s access to the underwater park.  It was a foggy evening, mysterious in a way.

There was plenty of flotsam and jetsam to pick through:

Not sure what these are. Perhaps they housed a critter at one time. Anyone know?

Salt encrusting an indentation in a rock. So cool!



I Camped in a nearly empty campground that night.   Made a fire and roasted a couple marshmallows.  A rustling in the grass interrupted the quiet. Forgetting my headlamp,  my heart quickened.  What was it?

Beady little raccoon eyes reflected in the firelight, staring up at me from several yards away.  A shoo and a toss of a log sent it scurrying away. Ah…campground raccoons.

The next day, one hell of a hike and McGyver coffee making.  More on that later.

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